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Professional Hair Replacement System

Professional Hair Replacement System

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Price: £299.99

Multi buy discount. Buy 2 or more and SAVE 10% on your order total!
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Discount not applicable with any other promotions.

Balance of £130.00 due on day of appointment. Deposit is non-refundable once work at manufacturer has been started.

Hair colour:

Grey hair:

Base material:

Hair density:

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Price: £299.99

Multi buy discount. Buy 2 or more and SAVE 10% on your order total!
Offer automatically applied on checkout page.
Discount not applicable with any other promotions.

Balance of £130.00 due on day of appointment. Deposit is non-refundable once work at manufacturer has been started.


Is it noticeable?

No! If you style the hair so that you don't expose your Hair System's hairline, then a Hair System is incredibly difficult to detect. If you plan on exposing the hairline, then any of our base materials you choose are virtually undetectable. That said, if you really are worried, the Swiss Lace base material is the least detectable of the three types we supply. So you should choose Swiss Lace when placing your order.

We have to say "virtually undetectable" because of course if someone is extremely close to the hairline then they may notice the base material. But that would be quite an intimate situation in the first place! You lucky boy!! 😉😉 But as long as you're maintaining things well (a hairline clean up once a week) then it's really nothing to worry about.

Is a hair system the same as a wig?

No! Wigs are traditionally something that aren't fixed to the wearers scalp, and spend the night on a hat stand. Modern Hair Systems are fixed to the wearers scalp using a cosmetic bonding process. What's more they can be worn for up to 4 weeks at a time before they require a re-groom and re-installation. You sleep in it. Shower in it. Swim in it. Go to the gym in it. Live your normal life!

Will it match my current hair colour?

Yes! As you can see from above we have a wide range of colours to choose from. For our first-timers who are unsure on which colour to choose, we recommend sending in a small hair sample of your natural hair. We'll then colour match the system to your sample for the perfect blend. Our more experienced customers are comfortable picking the colour that they know matches their hair.

Will it fit my head?

The easiest way to check is to make a template and then measure the width (side to side) and depth (front to back) of the template. If the width is less than (or equal to) 7 3/4 inches and the depth is less than (or equal to) 9 3/4 inches then you'll fit any of our systems. Otherwise, you may need to choose either the Swiss or French lace base materials as they're the larger of our bases. They're both 8 inches wide and 10 inches in depth. If in doubt, drop us a message. You can see how easy it is to make your own template with this handy little video

How long can you keep it on for?

Anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks. 4 weeks being the maximum advisable. Then it's time for a re-groom. To ensure the best possible bond, we recommend a regroom either every week or every other week. A lazy Sunday evening makes for the perfect time!

How often do I need to buy a new one?

Around every 6 to 9 months depending on how well you care for the system.

How long will it take to receive my hair system after I place my order?

We can usually have your order delivered inside 2 weeks. If you've booked an appointment in our salon, then we usually keep hold of your hair system so it's ready for your arrival rather than shipping it to you.

Will I need to visit your salon frequently?

Not unless you want to. We instruct clients how to care for their hair system themselves. Most people are happy doing the regroom in the comfort of their own home - which saves them time and money :)

Can you wear it during exercise?

Absolutely! The Swiss and French lace base materials are 100% breathable, so if you do a lot of exercise we recommend either of those.

Can you swim in it?

Yes! The cosmetic bond we sell (which you'll use to install your system) is water and moisture resistant. It's called Ghost Bond XL and it's the market leader.

Can you wear it all day outside in the sun?

Yes! But it's important to protect the hair with our Leave in Conditioner and our UV Protection & Nutrient Booster

How much will it cost me?

You don't need to spend a fortune for a professional grade hair system. Don't let other companies rip you off! We price our hair system and the supplies needed as fairly as possible. Our system is only £389.99, which includes an appointment where our stylist will style and install your new system. If you don't wish to have an appointment, and are comfortable doing the installing and styling yourself, then the system on its own costs just £299.99. Both of these options can be purchased via this website. If you wish to have an appointment for installing and styling, then you only need to pay a deposit of £259.99. The balance of £130.00 is due on the day of your appointment.

The only other costs to have a hair system is the necessity of owning a modest collection of styling and caring products. We recommend our specialist starter kit so you have all the products required to give you the best looking hair possible.

What other products will I need?

We've conveniently created a product bundle for you that contains everything you need. It's called Starter Kit & Everyday Essentials

What happens if you tug on the hair?

Nothing! The bond is incredibly strong.

Will the hair system ever fall off?

😂 No! You're thinking of a traditional wig, which are just placed on your head. The cosmetic adhesive used with a professional hair system provides the strongest of bonds. You could skydive and it still wont come off!

Can you dye the hair?

Yes! If you want to you can dye the system, but it can take some life out of the hair. So we don't recommend doing it too often.

Can you wear a hat with the hair?

Yes! And it's a great look 😎

Can you wear a motorbike helmet with our hair system?


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The Benefits

  • Affordable
  • No medication
  • No side effects
  • Thick, styleable hair
  • No surgery, no scars
  • A better looking, more confident you
  • No longer have to worry about losing more hair
  • No "unknowns". A result that you know will look great
  • With no unwanted medication or risky surgery you've nothing to lose



6″ long human hair, grey hair type is synthetic

Base Size:

Poly Skin with light density: 7 3/4"(W) x 9 3/4"(L)

Poly Skin with medium density: 8"(W) x 10"(L)

Swiss and French Lace: 8"(W) x 10"(L)

Hair direction:


Curl & Wave:

Slight Wave


100% Light, 100% Light Medium or 100% Medium (depending on selection)


Transitional. This means the hair gets progressively denser starting from the front working backwards. This makes for a super natural look.

Base Information:

Poly Skin is either 0.03MM thick (for light density) or 0.14 to 0.16MM thick for Medium density using V-Loop knots. There is an extra 1/2CM of poly material for cutting away.

Our Lace bases are fully soft and transparent French Lace or Swiss Lace (depending on selection) Bleach knots at front. An extra 1” of lace for cutting away.

Adhesive Suggestion:

Either Ghost Bond XL and/or Walker Tape.

Product description

Our mens non-surgical hair replacement systems are of the highest professional grade. You don't need to pay a small fortune for a top grade hair system. We believe in honesty and transparency and price ours fairly to look after our long term customers.

Our mens hair systems are handmade. We never make them by machine to ensure a superior, realistic finish. They're made from the most undetectable lace and poly available. We sell super-thin Swiss lace, the more durable French lace and the easy-to-install Poly option. All are undetectable. With either of the lace material options they're both 100% breathable and will allow your skin to breathe as normal.

We also bleach the front hair knots, which gives a super realistic look to the roots of the hair, which make it appear as if the hair is coming out of your scalp.

The hair is 100% natural Indian human hair, which has been specially treated for longevity. It's also selected to be "freestyle" which means you can comb the hair in any direction. We sell 13 colours, each of which you can add a percentage of synthetic grey to, if you wish.

Choosing the right density is important. The best mens hair systems are those that are more on the thinner side than the thicker side of density. It's important to understand that even when a man is deemed to have a "thick head of hair" often it's the coverage rather than extreme thickness that gives the look of a great head of hair. Our hair systems will give you 100% coverage with a completely natural density.

We recommend our "light/medium" density if you're in your late 20s to mid 30s. If you're in your late 30s to late 40s+ then we recommend our "light" density. We only recommend "Medium" to those in their early to mid 20s. If you're 50s+ and looking for an "extra light" density, then don't forget the hair can be thinned out a little during cutting and styling.

If you're an experienced hair system wearer then we also offer a professional pre-delivery haircut service. After making your hair system we can have our professional hair stylist cut it into a style of your choice before shipping it to you. We also recommend this service if you can't get to our private salon and also don't have someone to cut your hair for you. We offer 10 styles of cuts which give you a wide range to choose from. If you don't wish to have us cut the hair for you, and you opt not to book an appointment in our private salon then your hair system will be shipped to you with a length of 6"

If you're unsure on any of the options then message us in the chat box and we'll let you know what will work best for you.

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Want our stylist to install and style your hair system for you?

We work with a private-studio stylist in Bristol who can install and style your hair system for you. Want to see the entire process? Take a look at our video below:

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