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Hair System Adhesive Remover

Hair System Adhesive Remover


Hair System Adhesive Remover

Want to make light work of removing adhesive from your hair system?

Our Hair System Adhesive Remover is specifically designed to remove adhesive of any kind from any type of hair system.

It has world-class all round cleaning performance that’s tough enough to remove every trace of adhesive whilst remaining gentle enough so it won’t damage your system.

Unlike other adhesive removers, ours has been developed with no aloe or lanolin. This will keep your hair system free from grease and oil residue - all of which can interfere with the adhesion process.

This is a highly refined product, and has been proven to remove adhesive residue competently and comprehensively from all types of hair systems, no matter what cosmetic bonding product you are using.


Step 1

Remove your hair system using a release spray.

Step 2:

Spray this Adhesive Remover onto the system anywhere there is adhesive to be removed. Allow the product to work for a few minutes before rubbing the adhesive off with cotton pads

Step 3:

Clean your hair system using our Hair System Revitaliser

Heads up:

    Our Adhesive Remover is designed for use on hair systems only. If you're looking for a shampoo to clean your scalp then our Scalp Cleaning Shampoo is what you need.

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