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How many appointments will I need to get a hair system fitted?

We can do everything in a single visit. However, to be able to do that we need to get your system ordered, manufactured and delivered before you travel to the studio. This usually takes around 2 weeks to do.

Where do I need to travel to for my appointment?

Bristol, UK!

How long will the appointment take?

You should set aside 1 1/2 hours for the appointment.

What is the studio like?

The studio is a private salon.

How much can I expect a hair system to cost me?

The price breaks down as follows:

  • Deposit price: £259.99
  • Balance on the day of the fitting: £130.00

In certain unusual circumstances, based on system size, colour and hair type the cost may be more - but this is rarely the case and all costs are agreed upon before any order is placed so that you know exactly how much the system and fitting will cost you.

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