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Hair System Shampoo

Hair System Shampoo


Hair System Shampoo

This Shampoo has been specifically formulated for mens hair systems. It has been designed to work with both human hair and synthetic hair.

Off the shelf shampoo will damage your hair system hair as it will contain drying chemicals such as alcohol, artificial colours and fragrances. This will not only make the hair look dry but also strip its colour, leaving an unnatural and faded appearance.

Our shampoo looks after and cares for your human or synthetic hair system and is proven to prolong its life. Years of research and development have gone into the formula. It is a professional grade hair system product designed for everyday use.

The benefits you'll notice by using our shampoo are:

  • It's alcohol free
  • It leaves a nice shine
  • It won't dry your hair out
  • It will increase the lifespan of your hair system
  • It protects against the colour of the hair fading
  • It will leave your hair looking natural and not artificial
  • It's made without sulfates, parabens, and artificial colours and fragrances - which further enhances the look and feel of the hair.

This bottle contains 354ml (12oz)

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