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Hair System Leave in Conditioner

Hair System Leave in Conditioner


Hair System Leave in Conditioner

Our Leave in Conditioner is specifically designed to keep your hair system looking healthy and natural throughout the day.

Day-to-day life can be hard on your hair system, leaving it looking dry. And it's important to remember that hair system hair doesn't get any nutrient benefit from your scalp like biological hair does. Therefore it's a requirement to give the hair a regular nutrient boost to keep it looking healthy and natural. It's formulated to work on both human and synthetic hair.

This leave in conditioner will also help to detangle the hair, particularly when used with our perfectly designed light density soft-end brush

This mist spray leave in conditioner should be used daily just before styling.

Years of research and development have gone into our Leave in Conditioner. It is a professional grade hair system product formulated for everyday use.

This bottle contains 354ml (12oz)

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